The Good Doctor has told me to do up a page on the many different things one can do to inproove the way they play or just to see many different things that might be helping the way someone plays.

There will be many different sections to this page, such as config, mouse, keyboard, tips for scoring huge frags on certain maps, how to outplay your opponent physically and mentally. And how to shittalk the correct way :)

I do encourage people to see what I have to say and try it, if they think it makes any sense to them, I also encourage people that think I am wrong to send me and email and discuss with me, why I am wrong, or any tips I may not post on this page, because acting out the tips and writing them down is a lot harder than one would think. So I might actually leave some stuff out, or you might actually know of a helpfull tip that I do not know about, and then I can of course try it out and see if it works, then I will post it on the page. So please if you see anything that needs to be added or deleted let me know, my email is or you can add me to your ICQ list, my ICQ UIN is 2635808. Please do not send a message without asking me for authorization though, because I ignore messages from people that are not on my list.

Config Analysis Mouse-Keyboard Map Tips