TowelBoys Tips 
Coolers own Smack Talker TowelBoy (aka Sk8erDie) gives some advanced tips about all aspects Q2 play (including smack talk).

 LFire Mod 
Frequently Asked Questions about the LFire Mod
How do Join? OK you screwed up and pressed the wrong key right! Simply press the tab key to bring up the help console.
What is the LFire Mod? It gathers stats and allows players to vote which map to play.
How do I vote on the Map Use the '[' and ']' keys to move to the map you want to vote on then press enter to vote.
I wanna stop playing and watch that campy bastard Bring down console and type /spectator 1
I wanna stop spectating and start killing Press TAB use '[' and ']' to get to 'Join Game' press enter.

Tips for scoring huge frag counts in the maps.
The Edge
  • Drop grenades into the lift bouning them off each wall.
  • Chaingun the entrance that faces the 100 health (1/3 times someone walks thru there)
  • Rail gun Pipe ..good place to take down players who only have blasters
  • From Machine gun by lift Throw Hand Grenades down to Rocket Launcher.
  • From Rocket launcher dead end entance fire Rockets up to ledge/doorway that leads to 100 health
  • Take Super shotgun down to the underground Machine gun spawn spot
  • Dont waste time with the hyperblaster
  • Dont waste time dueling in the open arena
  • more to follow...
Tokays Towers
  • As soon as you get the RL do a reverse Rocket Jump to the platform above (one with spawn spot with grenades and rockets beside it) its hot down there
  • Jump across water to ladders in single shotgun/tein platform area
  • He who owns the paltform above the RL wins
  • Avoid the junction under water near the ChainGun
  • If someone is taking the lift up from the RL area aim 5 slats above the lift I get 50% hit rate.
  • If someone is on the platform above the RL aim at the ceiling for RL splash damage
  • Use the Quad and SuperShotgun as often as possible
  • Use the Super Shotgun in the area with the two platforms picking up ammo from the left ladder top.
Colours of WAR Invul ... the celing is low so you have to fire duck and jump tap em all at the same time otherwise you bump your head