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Cooler Quote of the Day: "I had sars before it was even popular"   'A Cool Ranch Doritto'

Welcome to the Cooler page! The cooler is the kickenass best Quake server on the net. Only the elite, wasted and not so normal play here. Cooler is hosted by the mighty SF thru donations from the clan, so props and wurd to the SF bros.
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  Nov 24th   Forum...   

The Forum is aliiiiiieeev! Click the link at the top of the page and hurl some abuse.

  Nov 23 2003   Wasted top 5... Bitches... Cachapa ...   

This news just in 800 Lb Gorrila was gayed, please refund his money.

It was a busy Weekend the smak was flying and the booze was flowing here is the first in 'top someting lists'

Top 5 Wasted Coolerites
  • 1. A Cool Ranch Doritto
  • 2. Stoner
  • 3. [smh] (yes the whole clan)
  • 4. pern'drunk
  • 5. S}Dr_FunFrock{F (Has potential for #1 Spot)

A quick shout out to the BWG (Bitches With Game) clan. Watch out for Angie she scratches, it huurts so good though. There was an SF / BWG scrim last night those results later.

Last Night NQCooler was Raided by a bunch of Venuzualans the CACHAPA clan. These fuckers need to be eliminated with no prisoners, their bodies should be dismembered and placed in different continents, just in case they show up again. Clan leader CACHAPACONJamon will personally be getting the 'silver' probe from yours truly.

Based on the raping I am getting on a regular basis these losers are now on the

Black List
  • >_<
  • Captain_Planet
  • Xephyr
  • S1lk
  • Boku
Black listed players should be gang raped when ever possible. Stay tuned for the 'Whiner List'. If you have any names that should be added to any of the lists or a suggestion for a list let me (Dr_FunFrock) know.

  Nov 19 2003   Pimpin'.. More Props..   
NQCooler was visited by the great Pimp himself [Afz]PiMp-J^OPC; he was promptly ejected by punkbuster for using maxpackets 125 :). No love for da Afz. PiMp-J in an old time Coolerite, I caught a picture of him at the old cooler during the Q2 days.

Noted laying down the smak S}Black{F and Jester. Some good camping techniques by Insipi

More props translation:
  • nt : Nice Try (Translation: We lost the match 'cos of you, fool)
  • gt : Good Try (Translation: Switch teams you suck. (aka Gay Team))

  Nov 18 2003   SF Pwns the TWL ...   
ShrikeForce takes first place in the TWL Rocket arena league. Grats SF!!

  Nov 17 2003   Lone Afz'r spotted... Florida... IRC...   
A lone AFZ'r had the nerve to logon last night. Al1ce was soon dispatched to the nearest vat of acid (All Afz must Die!). The question becons has this once mighty clan fallen!

Spotted kicking ass Floridas ISP's Suck and Hudson
Also Oldtimer Fatal[WAR] (now called Mango,I think) was seen haunting the edge.

You can yak with other coolerites on #Shirke_Force on IRC. Download MIrc. Log onto any EnterTheGame server and join the #shrikeforce channel.

Added another prop:
  • gf : Good Fight/Fun (Translation: Pwn'd u n00b)

  Nov 16 2003   Open for business... Haste raid... The Meaning of Props   
After a 3 year layoff the Cooler page is back, lets hope it's as fun as the last time. Props to a couple of SF'rs.. you can expect to find a rail up your ass from S}RailChu{F and when he's not under the influence of influences S}Fletch{F will carve you a new one.

Noticed Kiking ass on the server this week: IntoVert and that bastage BoneDragon both are very lucky and take advantage of lag and people being on the phone.

Noticed a few clans trying their luck: (H*)Haste and ATF(Alcohol,Tobaco,Firarms) these guys need to be elimated at all costs and with extereme predjuice. Especially Haste.

The smak is often laid down but the prop lang is also in force and for you oldies and newbies here is a quik tranlation:
  • n1 : Nice one (Translation: Fuck you, you bastard)
  • g1: Good one (Translation: You lucky fucker)
  • ns: Nice Shot (Translation: I lagged, he lucked out *AND* I was on the phone)
  • gs: Good Shot (Translation: You fukin mother fucker I'll kick your sorry ass, you bastard)

Stay Tuned and bookmark this page.
Dr_Funfrock (aka Doc)

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