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So Doc where da fuq we're you ... I was abducted by the Ionatrex Empire (a small but emerging Alien group)they performed the usual tests 8-() and held me for questioning in a chamber consistinga mixture of hydrogen 3 gas and morphine extract..I told them everything and then some.. (they eventually let mego 'cos I wouldn't shut up). I also purchased a set of I-glasses a copy of descent2 and duke3d the full version..I am only now recovering from 1 week of total immersion. So what did I miss.....?
The tracker may seem a little empty but you can be assured that someone is always lurking ..I suggest incresing your patience factor while waiting for or setting up a game..check the web to see who's around. Whoever is actively playing fell free to drop me an email..I will create a list of players and emails for co-ordinating games. Cya in arrow5 :)
Quik Start:
Tracker status (5/21/1996 5:00pm (west coast))
TrackerIp AddressStatusComment
US Tracker (Nol.Net)
US NA Tracker (,6666 A GOOD PLACE TO DIEClick here to check out who playing
US (old) Tracker (Texas.Net) UP AND RUNNING (most of the time)To play on this tracker you need iFrag2.1
Euro Tracker ( C'EST MANIFIQUEClick here for a games listing.
Aussie Tracker'DAY MATEUse this Tracker when the NA Tracker is down

Message from Scott Coleman (4/23)

>>Doc here... Your probably inundated with "whats with the tracker
>>man messages"
Actually, yours is the first message to mention a problem.
It's back up now.

Quote from Scott Coleman (1/2 Ifrag author) about onegames:
NOTE: I realize that there have been lengthy Tracker downtimes in the past.
Unfortunately, I did not own the machines on which the Tracker ran
previously, nor did I have physical access to them, so I was at the mercy
of the owners/operators of those machines when it came to getting the Tracker
back up and running. Not so any longer! The bottom line is that this change
should result in better reliability and fewer/shorter service interruptions
for everybody, and that's a good thing. ;-)

Happy Fragging, everybody!!!
Awesome, Thanks Scott

Please Doc I have no Clue!!!
Well doomer, check out the ifrag home page (Link restored). Or goto the the help desk .

iFrag Dm Wad Reviews
Updated 4/12/1996
Goto the wad reviews. WARNING: There are a lot of gifs to dl on the wad review page. DL time may be slow on a modem. But hay it'll be worth it 8-)

The punisher challenge
Updated 4/23/1996
Can you handle punisher.wad?. The current champ is RI-X he sent me a .lmp completing the level on UV in 2:40!!!! This wad has the most monsters I've ever seen and is non stop killing. You have to be real sharp to even finish it without saving. If you can do it in less than 2:40 minutes email me the .lmp.And you can have your name in lights on your very own page.
Doc's first single play wad, will replace punisher, you will die :-)

Ifrag Bio's
Wanna know all about that player who keeps killing you .. check out the iFrag Bio's section.
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Docs Top Ten DM Wads
1) Jroom38 - The funest wad ever. Major rocket frag fest great ssg action for 1 on 1. Sorts the men from the boys/girls.
2) Scarab2a - A classic for 4 way late night dming. Learn this one well.
3) PolySpon - Great balance in this wad. Allows you to move fast with out running into walls etc.
4) Nin - Great Music in this one wonderful lighting and playability.
5) Iftour1 - 1996 College Tourney wad, easily dominated if your good.
6) Foxer - Major fun awesome sound fx ( Yah lousy bum)
7) Dweller1 - Some of the best looking dm levels, all in one wad, I've seen.
8) Dwango6 (map1) - Addictive
9) Fastdm - Cabals excellent dm wad
10) Tempest - Oldie but goldie

Lmp Of the Week
Check out this weeks (4/16) lmp (58k) recorded on DOOM 2Map 11. Krusty (indigo) teaches Itchy (Green) why the rocket launcher is the key to Success on Map 11. This is NoSkill'sfavorite dm level nuf said. I'll see you on map 11 ;).To play the demo use the command line "Doom2 -playdemo rocket" and use F12 to toggle between the players.
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Top iFraggers
"Your only as good as your last game of Doom!", Doc 1996

Arrow11a Challange
Updated 4/24/1996 1 on 1 game in Arrow11a.wad 15 mins or 50 frags whichever comes first. The opponent always serves the gameso we dont have to deal with the "Server Cheese" issue.
* = beat me :-(

1)(1)*PVP (23/50)-27Too much beer
2)(2)*DOOMGOD (26/46)-20Ouch
3)(3)*BiLLiaRD (29/47)-18Too much heroin
4)(4)*Spinster (30/22)-83n2
5)(5)*Zippy (31/33)-2No excuse
6)(8)*bottomlessPIT (26/24)-2Strategic Bastard
7)(-)*Scratchy (23/21)-2SB Bastard
6)(6)Law (36/36)0 Phew!
8)(8)Bogey (38/37)+1:)
9)(9)Krusty (31/29)+28-D
10)(10)Biatch (38/37)+1:-)
Shouldn't you be on this list!!!

Weekly/Daily iFraggers Top 20
Here is a list of the current top players on iFrag. These guys will kill you without remorse and then laugh.. bastards 8-()
If you beat any of these players or are one of these players and you beat someone above you on the list please email me and I'll adjust the list. If you dont want your scores listed or you dont want to be on the list tough :-), one of the hazards of iFrag. If you are not on Ifrag for a while you will also slip down the list. Anyone can get on this list.
Now you can email the top players and tell them what pussies they are..8-)
Updated 4/29/1996 1:30pm (west coast)
(c) Means Combined ie both players served ..I'm thinking of changing it to (p) for physcological :)

NEWS: This table is going to be closed on Sunday 5th may :( ... I will reopen it at such a time when theifrag godz command me too. It was a blast to maintain and I believe it was pretty accurate. As always the stumbling block to any ranking table is the fact of having to e-mail the damn scores in :); However There is a new table on the block at Archers Doom Page very well doneand page updates automatically. You fill in a form for the scores so which takes the pain out of emailing.Please do not abuse his table by posting bogus scores. My table here will be frozen in time and displayed herefor all eternity. Thanks to all who sent in scores... and BTW Get used to looking at my nick in Archers no 1 spot :)
Click here for Table Rulz.

1)(1) Kasow 85:83 (c)PVP ifrag map 1 (4/16) 45:40 Biatch Arrow4 (4/9)
2)(6) GateKeeper 101:85 (c) Biatch Kroom (4/30) 90:87 PVP ifrag map 1 (5/1)
3)(2) PVP Took out Dazed(50:30) and Kasow(91:79)
4)(3) Krusty 50:51 (c) Kasow Dwango6.Wad (4/19)
5)(4) MaTTaM 93:83 (c) FragMastr arrow2 and ifrag map 1 (4/29)
6)(5) FragMastr 36:19 Biatch Skeels.Wad (4/19)
7)(11)Scratchy/NRG 50:44 Biatch Kroom (5/1) 96:83 Psoriac PwdGun3.wad (4/21)
8)(7) Biatch 54:36 Wrayth Kroom
9)(8) Wrayth 50:34 Biatch Shotgu3.wad (4/15)
10)(9) Carnage 81:88 (c) Wrayth Ifrag Level 1(4/11)
11)(10)Hobbes 50:42 MaTTaM Dwango5.wad (4/11) (-EXAMS-)
12)(12)Psoriac 105:104 MaTTaM Dwango5.wad (4/12)
13)(13)Itchy 93:87 Biatch Kroom (4/9)
14)(14)Vivisector 50:48 Kasow Arrow2 / 25:17 Psoriac Arrow2
15)(15)bottomlessPit 50:36 Shodan arrow11a.wad
16)(16)Homeboy 50:44 Shodan Skeels.Wad
17)(17)Shodan 40:25 Dazed Kroom (European Invader hehe)
18)(18)Dazed 53:33 RI-X Arrow2 (4/15)
19)(19)RI-X 35:38 to Dazed 36:41 to PVP (4/13)
20)(20)Bastard 25:22 JerryWholesome ifrag map 1 (4/16)

Honorable Mentions, doodz who rock, in no particualar order :-))
ISDNHomey (Fellow ISDN'er)

In the Wings, iFraggers waitin' to burst onto the scene

The iFrag immortals (compiled by some dude called PUP).
1)Shroom he's the champ, i used to be afraid of him
2)Biatch the dude is getting back in shape, the beer is dragging him back through
3)Cabal a master of ssg, makes good wads though the last one sucked
4)Krusty a modoom style player, never ever play him on danzig's (specially danzig11, Doc)
5)Deepcover he's always hiding deep, always behind some cover, but i heard he was good
6)Kasow this newbie [is he, or am i drunk?] holds a lot of promise
7)rdwilson mostly netdoomgod, he's an 'original doomer'
8)Wrayth he's good and he's moving up quickly
9)Psoriac a veteran of ifrag, 'hey, glad u finally switched to mouse, man!'
10)Dude this is dude and he's so good, he can duck and he can shoot

Europeans to look out for

Shodan-Netherlands (#17)

Aussies to look out for

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Gif's of Ifraggers (eek!) (updated 4/29/96))
Thats right you can have your ugly mug displayed here on the mugshot me a small gif of what you look like (or percive yourself to look like) and I'll put it up here

Help Desk

Modem netters/doomers check out Coach Gripski's home page. Listed there is a step by step guide to setting upyour connect for iFrag (there goes the neighbourhood hehe ).
Some other cool links
Garth's Doom page
Multiplayer gaming
Ifrag Help
DoomGate NetDoom FAQ
Chris' Doom Page
Vipers Doom Node. Many cool wads here.
Check out Team TNT for the coolest multi-level Wads anywhere in the world.
Click here to visit Psoriacs corner of the web.
RI-X also has a cool page here. Check out the animated Quake dood.

To connect your modem via PPP I find that ppp.exe works reasonably ok. For a slip account use slipper.exe.IMHO slip is best for stability, ppp for speed.
To play on Ifrag by modem you will *have* to set ticdup and extratics for the game to be the least bit playable. Ticdup sends duplicate frames as some time frames get lost, extratics sends a frame on either side of the frame being sent to "smooth" play.
Here are some suggested TICDUP and EXRATICS settings for modem play
These are what I've found to work ok. They are also based on at least one of the connections being fast. (T1/ISDN)
14.4 Modem 2 (Near)32Make sure you have a BFG
14.4 Modem 2 (Far)40Watch the slide show
28.8 Modem2 (Near)31Lower mouse sens to zero
28.8 Modem2 (Far)32Play arrow wads
28.8 Modem3 (Near)32Can be playable if your patient

Using ISDN for Ifrag (playing with a fast connect at home)
I use ISDN 128k for iFragging at home (yes I'm really addicted). Luckily I managed to wangle the setup from work. If you want a kewl Xmas present ask Santa for an ISC SecureLink II ISDN adapter. This is an ISDN card that plugs into an ISA slot in your PC (they cost $450). You then need to get "home" ISDN installed ($34) in CA, this costs $24 a month. You then need a provider that has ISDN support usually $25 month for 50 hours. So your looking at $500 for setup and then about $50 a month for the connection. Sounds like a lot, but hey you can do some odd jobs flip a burger or two. Think of the endless hours of ifragging enjoyment from the comfort of your favorite chair, tv on in the background, pizza warming in the oven, 6 pack of heniken ...and remember Quake is coming soon...

Check out my arrow pwad series

I need YOUR feedback please email me.
For the Non-Doomers amoung you (sheeah right) I also write web pages here be samples: OT and IIA

Watch this space for info about Doc's MultiPlayer Quake BBS (Game Web).

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