Here you will find a veritable pletorah of FFA demos from the cooler ... whacked that bastard good last nite did yah ... heh send in the evidence for all to peruse...

Demo NameAkaDescriptionSize
grizz_ware.zip WareBear Grizzly[WR] rapes da peeps in the Warehouse ... watch out for the Entrance of MuHuhGod[WR] who dishes out some stiff competition. At one point someone explodes at the bottom the steps, the shot from the top shows a shower of gibs ..awesome.1017 kb
gimpvgrizz1.zip To topple a bear G!MP[WR] demonstates how to own someone in the edge. A lot of cool edge tricks here .. watch out for the jump to the rockets and double 25 health.634 kb

Well not many to start with but I'm sure the list will grow. To send in a demo do the following...

1) Record the Demo (I beleive Gamespy has a right click option Record Demo...)
2) Write a short readme.txt. Include a 2 or 3 line description, the players and map.
3) Zip those two up
4) Email to Dr_FunFrock@Ifrag.Com

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