Want to know a little more about the person who is fraggin' you? Hmmm? Here is a little something the Dr. and I have come up with. It is called the "Cooler Profile". Every few days we will be doing a profile on an individual Cooler player. You say "Hey Dr. Fun Frock and KUNTR, I want to be profiled on da page. How do I get interviewed?" Well, it is very easy. Contact either the Dr. or I, a few bribes(only the finest will do), and we will make a list, check it twice, and send out the questionaires. And just maybe you will be on the front of "Da BIO-Page".  


The Editors at DR. Fun Frocks Cooler page have decided to change this up this week with the Cooler Profile. We chose a player from the not too distant past to provide you with your Cooler profile. This player and his clan members set the great standards of Cooler play when it was in its infancy. When he and his clan show up at the Cooler and graces us with their play, all HELL breaks loose. I mean run for the lead shielding protection because these players drop the “BOMB”, and they don’t wait around to clean up. Great person, great clan members, great outlook towards the game and its players. The leader of one of the top 5 Team Death Matching clans in the country may the editors at Dr. Fun Frocks Cooler page proudly present to you:


1. Name --Joe Age--21
2. Explain how you got your name “Fusion”? –When I started playing Quake, as a joke my name was Cunt Eatr, but the joke name stuck around for a long time. I needed a change, and I wanted a name that represented power, and as Fusion is one of the key aspects of a Hydrogen bomb, it just fit the bill.
3. Clan affiliation.—A-T
4. Death matching experience.-- I’ve played at the Cooler since Quake 2 came out
5. Your favorite DM Mod.--Gxmod
6. Approximate number of frags you have dealt out in Dm play? –Hold on, lemme get my calculator out… 6.7 X 10^23 (exact number)
7. Your most memorable match.—When I went head to head with K9-Gloucester right after he was a PGL finalist, and lost to him 11-9
8. Most frags on one map?167 at the Frag Pipe (I was there - Doc )
9. Your favorite map(s)?—The Edge, The Warehouse, The Rage
10. Your least favorite map(s)?—The Pits
11. Your favorite weapon(s)?—RocketLauncher, Railgun, Chaingun
12. Your favorite opponent(s)?--Zigen[A-T], Forego[A-T], Enertia{RASC}
13. Any awards for outstanding play?-- Only played in one tournament, lost in the final to u238|duhasst
14. Describe you “rig”.My rig: 300a@450, 64 megs ram, Voodoo2 SLI, 19” monitor
My other rig: I own and run a gxmod server, Chops! which was the third most popular Gxmod server in 1998: PII 266, 128 MB ram
15. Your connection?--Horrible fractional t1
16. Home country?-- Zimbabwe ( HuJambo! - Doc) err USA I mean ;)
17. Any other games you play or are interested in?

Final Fantasy series, Baseball, Football

18. Any outside interests, work, or school, college major; you would like to mention?

I am currently a Chemical Engineer student at the University of Minnesota, I work for 3M Corporation

19. Any personal remarks to the Cooler players out there?

Yes I do. Don’t shoot at me.

Want a little more insight to clan [A-T]? The Great Fusion was very generous to provide us with some great information on Clan [A-T]. You will be very impressed on how professional this clan operates.

1. Describe the history of A-T.

A long, long time ago, in 1997, a bunch of people in the same freshman dormitory hall started playing quake. After a while, it became logical that we should form a clan. So the clan ch0ps was born, consisting of at least 10 members. After a little while the clan slowly faded, and 5 members broke away and started a new clan. These original members were: Fusion, Phantom, Twiggler, Deez Nutz, and Big Dick. Since we have never been a l33t, 4aX0r, 4ardC0r3 clan, we didn’t really care so much about winning, just having fun. Big Dick suggested as a joke to name ourselves the A-Team, but we liked the idea, and thus A-T was born. One of the main ideas behind A-T is that we play the game for the fun of it. Winning is good, and it is always more fun to win, but A-T doesn’t put winning at the top of our priority list. We pick our roster from people that we think are good “people” as well as good players. Every member was asked to join by A-T, no one has ever asked to join and gotten in. We have to play with a player for awhile, chat with them, see what they are all about, and then we ask them to join us. That’s probably the main reason why no member has ever quit on us.

2. What qualities make clan A-T one of the best or the best clan in team dm play?

We are flattered to have this question asked about A-T, but the truth is that there are many clans that can wax A-T’s heinie. We were #3 on OGL before we retired from the ladder, but there are some clans out there with some ridiculous skills (and attitudes, but that is a different story)

3. Describe the qualities that clan A-T looks for in a player.

We look for 2 things, in this order. #1) Personality #2) Skills we get to know a player before asking them to join…

4. Describe a typical A-T practice session.

You know what the funny thing is, we have no mandatory practices. If ppl are around, we sometimes have a clan scrim or whatever, but the whole idea of "practicing" just makes the game seem less fun. If you are forced into practicing, it's not really as fun anymore, is it?

5. How does your clan approach a match? (Preparations and strategy)

We try and establish positions to be held throughout the match, but other than that we just warm up maybe in a little inter-clan scrimmage.

6. Describe the greatest match A-T was in.—.

One of our proudest moments is when we played clan UV (Ultraviolence) for the #1 slot on the OGL ladder, and after 10 minutes of a hard fought battle, we were actually winning! We did go on to lose that game in the second half, and overall we lost the series, but keep in mind that UV held the #1 slot on OGL Team DM ladder for something crazy like 37 weeks! Our 2 losses to UV were the only losses we suffered in OGL.

7. Current roster (you can include your players country they are from, or any other info)

Fusion, Twiggler, Phantom, Cold Steel, Triton, Probie, Zigen, Forego, Raistlin(inactive), Slut(inactive), Biggity(inactive) ( Thank F**k - Doc), Big Dick(retired), Deez Nutz(retired)

8. What does the future hold for clan A-T?

Hopefully we can get back on the OGL ladder when the real quake3arena comes out, and try to whoop some ass!

Now that was a great profile along with some great information on Clan [A-T]. Clan [WR] had the privilege Sunday night to play [A-T] in a team deathmatch. These players are for real. Without a doubt some of the greatest skills I have ever had the pleasure to witness first hand. And you know what? We got our ASSES kicked big time, but clan [A-T] gave us our props, had the class to thank [WR] for the match, and then asked us back again. (I’ll be there!!) Now that is some CLASS. Great bunch of guys. Thanks to Fusion[A-T] and clan [A-T] for taking the time to provide us with this bitchin’ profile. KUNTR is OUT!!!

I asked Fusion if he's gonna come to da cooler anytime soon "if i get my ping back down from scientific notation " he said ... just as well probably :) -Doc

Previous BIOS:

PiMp J]AfZ[ MuHuGoD[WR] VDP-Necromancer VDP-Chey
S}DrFunFrock{F Krutang Butt $exxx[TtD] Lilith[RASC]
Gr8 GRizzly[WR] TowelBoy Yadda Yadda
Goffiger[AfZ] EvaUnit02]AfZ[ S}Atrophy{F

Something is seriously wrong with the Cooler profiles. A profile is missing here. A very important profile. Let’s be realistic about this. Why are we able to even having Cooler profiles? How many times have you typed at console or double clicked the IP address in Gamespy to connect to the Cooler? How is the Cooler server run, or more importantly, who is the administrator of the Cooler? Ahhh yes, I see said the blind man. Without this person, there would be no Cooler, no stats, no profiles, and no Dr. Fun Frocks Cooler page (Now you got my attention - Doc). Many a great player has passed through the Cooler. Many more will follow. Previously featured in Planet Quakes server administration article. A great CTF player for Shrike Force. Get off your ASSES and give this person a standing ovation. Dr. Fun Frocks Cooler page editors are proud to present to you:


1. Name Mike Matthews
2. Aka-handle Atrophy
3. Clan affiliation. Shrike Force ( Swiiing -Doc )
4. Death matching experience Since '95, although not much recently
5. Approximate number of frags you have dealt out? It's surely been millions over the years.
6. Most frags on one map? -5
7. Your favorite map(s)? Colour, Rage, Warehouse
8. Your least favorite map(s)? dm6
9. Your favorite weapon(s)? RL, chaingun
10. Your favorite opponent(s)? Player
11. Your least favorite opponent(s)? All LPBs must die!
12. Describe you “rig”. The rig I play on is a Celeron 450, 64Mb, TNT2
13. Describe you “rig” part II. The servers are: Cooler P-300, 96Mb, T1 (about 30% CPU usage max), Way Cooler CTF PII-338, 128Mb, T1 (about 20% CPU usage max--includes Q3 server), Way Cool 1v1 P166, 96Mb, T1 (15% CPU usage max).
14. Your connection? 30-33.6k
15. Any other games you play or are interested in?

Quake3, maybe UT, and where's waldo rocks.

16. Any outside interests, work, or school you would like to mention?

Mostly I work... no time for other interests.

17. Any advice to Cooler Newbies?

Visit the Cooler server pages for lots of useful info about improving your connection, and neat things these servers do that others don't... especially if you're playing CTF. And, give me feedback through email or the forum... it's the most important thing in making the servers better.

18. Any changes or improvements you would like to see at the Cooler?

What? It's perfect :) (Hey KUNTR great question to ask the Landlord man :) - Doc)

19. Any personal remarks to the “Cooler Heads” out there?

Thanks for making this a popular and fun place to play. As a server admin, I can only setup the game, but it's the personalities and quality of the players that make the server into a community. Your feedback is VERY important to me, especially in times when I don't have enough waking hours to play much.

Major profile Cooler Heads. And from all of us who play at the Cooler, we’d like to say thanks Atrophy for putting together this great server, THE COOLER. THE BEST. There you have it Cooler Heads-Atrophy, the Cooler Administrator. Makes me feel a bit humble. Remember that Atrophy is very receptive on new ideas to improve Cooler play. Drop him e-mail sometime with your thoughts or ideas. Or better yet, go to www.shrikeforce.com and view the cool web page filled with tips, connection tips, and of course, states. Thank you Atrophy for taking the time to do this profile ( about time man :) ). KUNTR is GHOST!!!!!

G’Day Cooler mates. Just grillin’ some “Doc” here on me barby. (You play with dolls? - Doc) (Cooked with a custom hyperblaster burner, hehehehe) Getting a little bored with the USA/Canada Cooler profiles? You are? Good, because our next profile is from the land down under. Yep, home of the kangaroo, the Great Barrier Reef, duck billed platypus, the Great White shark, and a Cooler player with great game, even though his average ping in the Cooler is 700. A real HPB Coolerites!!!! May Dr Fun Frocks editors present to you:


1. Name Lina Inverse
2. Aka-handle EvaUnit02
3. Clan affiliation. AfZ
4. Death matching experience About12 months
5. Approximate number of frags you have dealt out? 5000, I think!
6. Most frags on one map? 85
7. Your favorite map(s)? Lost Hallways (DOH! - Doc), Slimy Place, Stellar, Solid, Levels, Rage
8. Your least favorite map(s)? Colours, Pits
9. Your favorite weapon(s)? Grenades in any form, Rockets….
10. Your favorite opponent(s)? Erm,… a lot of Cooler-ites really
11. Your least favorite opponent(s)? LPB’s who respawn camp, arrogant F***ers, whiners, cheaters
12. Describe you “rig”. P166 32mb RAM, 33.6k modem, 4MB Voodoo1 (pov as hell huh?)
13. Your connection? 33.6k
14. Home country? Australia
15. Any other games you play or are interested in?

I love Final Fantasy and I want FF8, I also love RTS games and RPG’s.

16. Any outside interests, work, or school you would like to mention?

Bushwhacking (Painful?) in the Aussie Outback.. Living it on the rifle range at Holsworthy Barracks, I love Anime (especially Evangelion and Slayers), going out with friends, and girls (Japanese chicks rock :-P) I am a reservist with the defence forces, but that takes up like only one weekend a month.. :-p I’ve only just finished high school, and hope to get into university: -p or.. The military academy hehehehe

17. Any advice to Cooler Newbies?

Respect the people here as they are among the best in the whole DM world. However, do not feel discouraged, as they die as easily as you do. Just play your best, and have fun. That’s why I play here, despite me having a massive 8-900 ping- I love the company. Also, if you are going to join a clan, make sure you can fit in, and feel at home within the clan. But, just have fun :)

18. Any changes or improvements you would like to see at the Cooler?

Remove Pits and Colours :), and maybe have a 16-player limit perhaps ?

19. Any personal remarks to the “Cooler Heads” out there?

Don’t underestimate new faces when you see them :-p Never Quote me on Ping EVER!

20. Doc -- Do you come from a land down under? Ooo Yeah, Women blow and Men Thunder can yah hear...

(Dont understand the lingo in this BIO check out this page. -Doc )

A bit about Aussie Quaking, coz KUNTR asked for it..(hehehehehe, didn’t hurt to ask!!!!)
Like how America has its top clans.. AfZ.. WR..etc…we have PHZ, FHM, HVS, Bmi…I can’t remember the rest J However, quite a lot of quakers here prefer to go to Wireplay, a dial-up service which gives you LPB-ish pings. But, you’ll find the clans above at EISA.. quake2.eisa.net.au.. Also, most quakers down here are still modem users, because there aren’t really any cable providers (only one) and thus it is quite expensive. Most players are in their teens, and to find a person over 21 playing as much as you guys do is almost unheard of…
There is really not much of a serious core of Quake players here, when compared to what I’ve seen in America. I think it’s partly to do with our climate, about 99% of us Aussies never see snow or see it very rarely, as most of the people are sport-active, and the computer tends to take a second place to this.
A nice profile from a Quaker from another continent. Thanks to EvaUnit02 for taking the time out to do this profile. Now back to my Fosters and playing at da Cooler.

Now that the Forum SMAK has calmed down, it is time to profile two of the best smak talkers and players at the Cooler. All the major Smak being run at the Cooler last month probably had these two names right beside the postings. (I still can’t understand WTF they were sayingJ)You need to learn da new age “slang”? Well, these two can “teach” you the meanings of the new language. They can also teach you the meaning of the “RAIL”. Two of the “Coolest” young people I have become aquatinted with. I know these profiles posted together might be dangerous to the readers in “Coolerland”. But hey, since the worms are back in the can in the forum, ]AfZ[ and [WR] are again playing intensely with no major blowups, it is time to provide the CoolerHeads with these major profiles. May Dr_Fun Frocks Cooler page present to you:
PiMp J]AfZ[ and MuHuGoD[WR]

PiMp J]AfZ[

1. Name –PiMp J
2. Aka-handle-------PiMp J ]AfZ[
3. Clan affiliation.-------------AFZ
4. Death matching experience(Q2 only please)----in AFZ since January 22,1999
5. Approximate number of frags you have dealt out?(total)------8,025
6. Most frags on one map?-----76
7. Your favorite map(s)?---lava tomb(DOH! - Doc), slimy place, levels, stellar, solid
8. Your least favorite map(s)?-----edge, forgotten fort
9. Your favorite weapon(s)?--Rocket launcher, Grenade Launcher, Rail gun
10. Your favorite opponent(s)?-----yadda yadda, all of afz
11. Your least favorite opponent(s)? braggers, whiners, bots
12. Describe your “rig”.----300mhz, 64 meg ram, 8 gig HD, v2 8 megger, 48x cd rom,4x4x16 cd burner Sound pumping through my stereo 500 watts of fraggin
13. Your connection?-------56k
14. Home country?----USA
15. Any other games you play or are interested in?

----unreal, sin, too many playstation and n64 games to mention

16. Any outside interests, work, or school you would like to mention?

---computers, law, girls

17. Any advice to Cooler Newbies?

---watch out for all of AFZ/WR, and yadda yadda and gr8 of course

18. Any changes or improvements you would like to see at the Cooler?


19. Any personal remarks to the “Cooler Heads” out there?



1. Name Marc-André Lalonde
2. Aka-handle - MuHuGoD[WR], I cant take muhu off my name !!
3. Clan affiliation.- [WR] , da gods of ffa ;p)
4. Death matching experience -Used to be a diablo and uo freak… had the game for like 3 years but I've been active for only a few months….
5. Approximate number of frags you have dealt out?- Around 50000 head blown up :P) 30000 of em are Afz’s j/k J
6. Most frags on one map?146 in 15 mins if im correct (cooler ) 35 in 2:50 (road runner ) 40 in 2 mins (death valley)
7. Your favorite map(s)? Most of the ID Maps…. Certainly not those cheap ass skilless retarded maps like Stellar,Solid and ETC….
8. Your least favorite map(s)? The Pits… Even if its an ID map it totally sucks ass !!!
9. Your favorite weapon(s)? Railgun and Rocket Fer sure
10. Your favorite opponent(s)? all Da BX, WR and all those other ppl that kicks ass out there
11. Your least favorite opponent(s)? Mother Fuckin Campers… and they know who they are… and there’s lots of em on Cooler.. they just cant admit that they plain suck…
12. Describe you “rig”.Amd K6-2 400 Mhz ,64 rams, a fuckin kick ass voodoo 1 LoL (in other words my comp sux but atleast its mine all mine nobody paid fer it but me !!!!!!!!) im getting a TnT2 Ultra soon enough.
13. Your connection? Crappy and Unstable Cable with shitload of PL (isp = Videotron those who have it knows what i mean)
14. Home country? Montréal,Canada, Headquaters of da Frenchy Pot smokers :p) ( im not a fuckin Canuck.. im a frog :p)
15 Any other games you play or are interested in?

Waiting for Diablo2 (Fuckin A -Doc ),Final Fantasy 8 is fuckin awesome

16. Any outside interests, work, or school you would like to mention?

I Listen to Death / Black Metal music… if anybody is interested in that kind of music I got a shitload of mp3s for you…..( about 10 gigs, lots of choice :P ) I like to hang out with my friends, SaMaEl[WR] is a friend in real life…. Get Stoned is just da best damn thing in da world except for getting laid (not by a blonde!! I've had enuff of em..)

17. Any advice to Cooler Newbies?

Chase me u might learn something… u will learn not to camp that’s fer sure ;p) , if u want to get good, play RA2 and Rail arenas… me Grizz and a buncha WR used to play on his server ( WR wasn’t a clan back then ) I cant wait for grizz to put back his rail server ! its very good practice

18. Any changes or improvements you would like to see at the Cooler?

Yeah… for Christ Fucking sake.. stop camping its no damn fun …and those Damned 20 ping bastard :P

19. Any personal remarks to the “Cooler Heads” out there?

MuHu U R so SEXY !!!!!!!!!! be ready to feel my wrath… ill be back kicking some major ass whenever I can get a stable ping ;) (I hope soon ) IF any of u guys out there meet up with 2 ppl using the WR Tag named TwistMe or Horst…. They r not in WR.. They’re fakes trying to make us look like fools… probably one of them using it is the one using my nick and making me look like a fool too…. But u guys out there knows when it is me or a fake… :p)

OMG!!!! What have I done? Hope these profiles don’t start some major shit on the forum (hehehehehe). Take your fingers off those keyboards fellas. This is not the time to run the SMAK now. Thanks to PiMp J and MuHuGoD for taking the time out to provide, you, the CoolerHeads, with their profiles. Now I got to get back to some unfinished business with the old lady. KUNTR is GHOST.

Anyone out there in Coolerland remembers Sly and the Family Stones song “ It’s a Family Affair”? Oh well, just showing my age again. Our next Cooler profile is truly family. I mean married, with a couple of young “Strogs” running around in their crib. (Guess they do more than “frag” together, hehehehe) Class people that run a class clan. May Dr Fun_Frocks Cooler page present to you: VDP-Necromancer and Chey


1. Name: Chris
2. Aka-handle: VDP-Necromancer
3. Where did you get your handle? From back in the day when Dungeons & Dragons was around
4. Clan affiliation: Co-Leader with VDP-Chey and VDP-MDeeGuN
5. What is your clan's acronym stand for? Vulgar Display of Power
6. What is your clan's website? http://www.quakeclan.net/vdp
7. Death matching experience: 2 yrs.
8. Approximate number of frags you have dealt out? 70,000
9. Most frags on one map: 115
10. Your favorite map(s)? q2dm7, stellar, solid
11. Your least favorite map(s)? q2dm5 because it plain SUCKS, q2dm2 and q2dm8 because I spend most of my time locked up.
12. Your favorite weapon(s): Rocket Launcher hands down. This weapon is just plain fun to use.
13. Your favorite opponent(s): My clan members, WR Clan, AfZ Clan, Gr8, yadda yadda, the Doc.
14. Your least favorite opponent(s): People that have a sub 50 ping and just sit there and camp. I wanna just kick them upside their head for wasting their connection like that.
15. Describe your "rig": 60% of the time I play on an IBM Laptop (craptop). P200 64MB RAM, software mode at 320x240 full screen at a whopping 12fps on a 15" monitor. The other 40% (my work computer) I’ve got a P2 450 128MB SDRAM, 3dfx Voodoo2 16MB, 17" monitor at 640x480 at around 60fps. 16. Your connection? 26,400-28,800
17. Home country? USA
18. Any other games you play or are interested in?


19. Any outside interests, work, or school you would like to mention?

My wife VDP-Chey, and our 3 kids.

20. Any advice to Cooler Newbies?

Be aware that you are playing against the best DM/FFA players on the net when you get on Cooler. Treat them with respect and you will get treated the same. 21. Any changes or improvements you would like to see at the Cooler?

Get rid of q2dm5 all together. Put in fact3 (Sudden Death) with a player limit of 16 and a priority limit of 20. More ztn2 maps would be cool.

22. Any personal remarks to the "Cooler Heads" out there?

Just wait until I get a REAL connection.


1. Name: Cheyanne
2. Aka-handle: VDP-Chey
3. Clan affiliation: Co-Leader with VDP-Necromancer and VDP-MDeeGuN of the VDP (Note: All VDP Must die horribly in a Vat of Acid -Doc)
4. Death matching experience: 1 yr.
5. Approximate number of frags you have dealt out? A few
6. Most frags on one map: 95
7. Your favorite map(s)? q2dm7, stellar, solid
8. Your least favorite map(s)? q2dm4
9. Your favorite weapon(s): Rocket Launcher, Railgun, Grenades, and Super ShotGun
10. Your favorite opponent(s): HPB's that lock up as much as I do
11. Your least favorite opponent(s): LPB's that respawn camp with a rail
12. Describe your "rig" ( Heh he said 'Rig'). I used the Craptop and moved with the little red squishy mouse thingy, until March, now I use P200 MMX, 64 MB RAM, 12MB Voodoo2, 56K, 17-in. monitor.
13. Your connection? 26,400-28,800
14. Home country? USA
15. Any other games you play or are interested in?


16. Any outside interests, work, or school you would like to mention?

Family, Cars, Medical books (Uh Huh ;)-Doc), and Beer

17. Any advice to Cooler Newbies?

Cooler is the best server out there with the best competition.

18. Any changes or improvements you would like to see at the Cooler?

Bump up the player limits, of course.

19. Any personal remarks to the "Cooler Heads" out there?

No comment at this time except all Doctors must die =) (well put Chey!!!!!!)

Two great profiles from two great people. Thanks to VDP Chey and Necromancer for taking the time out of their busy day to provide you, the Coolerheads, with their profiles. Now you two get back to your usual routine of making and raising your young “Strogs”. Now back to the Cooler (may I add that my connection is again bitchin’, thanks Atrophy) for some more great action. The Cooler, the BEST. KUNTR is GHOST.

Well this seems like the ultimate ego trip doing a bio on myself ... but many have requested it according to young KUNTR so here goes...


Age? 36
Name: Doc
Aka-handle: S}DrFunFrock{F
Clan affiliation: Was in WAR now in the mighty Shrikeforce
Death matching experience (Q2 only please):Since its been out ... took a 5 month break to play Diablo
Approximate number of frags you have dealt out? (Total): I prefare to call them 'acts of mercy' .. but since you ask no fuckin idea
Most frags on one map?128 on Slimey
Your favorite map(s)? arrow1, slimey, rage
Your least favorite map(s)? all the others
Your favorite weapon(s)?Hyperblaster
Your favorite opponent(s)? Those who go down in one shot, VDP's r fun
Your least favorite opponent(s)?Bad Campers, Bot Users, Serious people
Describe you “rig”.oc'd Celeron 300A (running at 448 case is open 12inch KMart Fan pointed at case), abitBh6 MB, 192 Megs Ram, Matrox G200, 2 VooDoo2's SLI, , Monster Sound 300x - Godamn Cordless Logitech KB and Mouse which will be burnt this weekend. 17 inch Dell Mon. MS Force Feedback Joy
Your connection? Low End Pac Bell DSL Modem, using P200 NT Server Running MS Proxy, 4 other Comps connected to this via 8 port Hub, BAN (Basement Area Network heh).
Home country? Born in Ireland big mistake ... Now US Citizen (USA Rulz)
Any other games you play or are interested in?

Only other games I have Finished are LBA-Relentless/Doom2/Quake2/Diablo and Half Life (best game I've ever played single). Recently Got 1/2 way Jedi Knight. Got 3/4 thru Unreal. Got 1/4 way Thru Heretic II. Got 1/4 Thru Starseige ..damn Q2 Deathmatch :) Currently Playing Descent 3 can't wait for Diablo II. Incidently I got the Dr_FunFrock name from LBA-Relentless .. he is an evil character who experiments on peoples minds and since I'm 'relentless' in my DM Attacks I stuck with it since about 1995.

Any outside interests, work, or school you would like to mention?

I love Tae-Kwan-Do (Martial Art) and am Getting my Purple belt next week big tourney comming I hope to kik some ass. I play guitar and like to record wierd shit and use on my answering machine :). I create web pages on the side. I work in the Digital industry designing applications that control the equipment that broadcasts Digital TV to your homes. So if you see a glitch in your digital programming you can say to your Mom, 'Man Doc can't program worth a shit'.

Any advice to Cooler Newbies?

Yes ... once you re-spawn move to left a few pixels and wait for about 2 seconds. Don't keep moving around you will only get tired just stand still and you'll be fine. Dont bother looking for weapons the blaster is all you really need. When you see a dude in a crazy surgeon skin DONT FIRE ... type 'wave 3' and stand still.

Any changes or improvements you would like to see at the Cooler?

Arrow1 in the rotation :). S}Atrophy{F is a genius at running servers no complaints here.

Any personal remarks to the “Cooler Heads” out there?

Besides .. 'stop fragging me and stand still dammit' ... Running the Cooler page is fucking great thanks for comming by everyday and making it even more fun. So anyway enough of this delusion ... I'd like to take this opportunity to say you are all very well behaved patients for the most part ... but recently some of you are having delusions that you actually live in a *real world*, I'm sorry but its just not true. You are all actually locked in 12x12 cells in my underground cavern. Attached to your heads are three tubes; one containg a mind altering fluid the other connected to an array video injectors and pain module which is still in the experimental stage. As you percieve yourself sitting there reading this I am actually standing above you with a very long probe and upping the dodsage of my own mind altering drug into tube one ... as you read the next bio keep that in mind :)

Sometimes it seems like a great player comes out of nowhere and starts taking over the Cooler with “bitchin” skills. I mean kick your ASS up to your neck skills. Ah KUNTR you ask, what do you mean by “seems”? Well, our next profile has come back to the Cooler after a layoff under a different name. I have had the pleasure, along with the rest of Clans [WR] and ] AfZ’s[players , of playing with him on a regular basis.


(Made "0" for my self) hehehe) AGE? 13
Name: Kevin Tang
Aka-handle: KruTang/kt/Yocuz/Wallnutt
Clan affiliation: Use to be in afz and wr
Death matching experience (Q2 only please): about 2 years
Approximate number of frags you have dealt out? (Total) about 7368 at cooler
Most frags on one map? 118 at Stellar
Your favorite map(s)? hmm....levels, solid, stellar, q2dm8 and 7
Your least favorite map(s)? Q2dm4, 5,and death32 (maybe, cuz I never try playing there with lotta ppl)
Your favorite weapon(s)? Railgun and r/l
Your favorite opponent(s)? Griz, gr8, wr ppl, afz ppl, apf ppl, ttd ppl!
Your least favorite opponent(s)? I don’t know. I LIKE EVERY! But griz and gr8 r killing me: (
Describe you “rig”. pentium II, voodoo3, that’s all I know hehehehe
Your connection? Cable modem
Home country? USA
Any other games you play or are interested in?

I want to try Haft Life (Similar to Half Life but with retards instead of Aliens -Doc)

Any outside interests, work, or school you would like to mention?

I like to play basketball

Any advice to Cooler Newbies?

I don’t know.... Watch out for good guys...hehehhe..: )

Any changes or improvements you would like to see at the Cooler?

Its fine...I guess...

Any personal remarks to the “Cooler Heads” out there?

Ah...ah...ah...I'm scared...hehehe

Here is a player who has brought tenacity (ok wtf is tenacity, Doc), great game, and the “New Age Smak Vocabulary” (still waiting for that dictionary man so I can understand you) to the Cooler. A very cool dude who always gives you a “bitch slap” for a compliment (at least it isn’t a “johnson” slap) if and when you frag him. Probably one of the most colorful persons you will ever talk to. May “DA Publishers” of the Cooler profiles present to you:

Butt $exxx

Name: Chris Oje (but all my friends call me bitch – feel free to do the same)
Aka-handle: Butt $exxx (“Butt 1fpm” when on my slow-ass work computer and “ZButt” when screwing off)
Clan affiliation: Time To Die [TtD]
Death matching experience (Q2 only please): 3 months of serious playing. I messed around for a few months before that playing on newbie servers and trying out different mods, but never really STARTED playing until I stopped by cooler one mid-June day and saw Grizzly score in the hundreds. I said, “Damn, I want to do that.” And the rest is history. Unfortunately, I came on the scene after yadda yadda left. I never got to experience his rail as an LPB.
Approximate number of frags you have dealt out? (Total): About 50,000 in all mods (mostly DM). I am still a fairly new DMer on the scene, so this is just the beginning…
Most frags on one map? Ohhh, about 120 – 130 in 15 minutes. Not as high as I would like, but I am working on it.
Your favorite map(s)? Levels all the way. I simply love rail wars. Homers15, and Railwar101 kick ass too. Stellar Cow, The Rage, and Ultra Ultra Violence kick MAJOR ass too. Solid is fun, but the skilled need not apply.
Your least favorite map(s)? All the gay ass ID DM maps. Any maps that are played out, have shitty weapons in them, or make it very difficult to get a good weapon.
Your favorite weapon(s)? Railgun when there is no packet loss and/or lag, Rocket Launcher when there is. I like the Super Shotgun too. Funny, all the potential one-shot-one-kill weapons. ;)
Your favorite skin(s)? Gumby, of course!
Your favorite opponent(s)? Anyone better then me. Namely Gr8 and Grizzly. Not only are these guys freakin amazing, they play a clean game and are very respectful to other players. KUNTR[WR], S}Dr_Funfrock{F, and all VDP are excellent opponents as well.
Your least favorite opponent(s)? (optional): Gr8 – I can’t EVER kill that son of a bitch. Also, llama campers, people who talk undeserved shit, and people who use Southpark skins.
Describe your “rig”: Dell Dimension XPS R450: PII 450, 256MB RAM, STB TNT, Intellimouse, 19” monitor, Star Trek mousepad, and winamp pumping only the finest techno beats through my surround sound speakers and subwoofer.
Your connection? 960 downstream and 816 upstream DSL. Basically 2/3 of a T1.
Home country? Seattle WA, USA
Any other games you play or are interested in? Kingpin (rox your nuts) and Q3. Any outside interests, work, or school you would like to mention?

I am a senior in Computer Science at Seattle University and work in support for the Computer Science Department at the University of Washington. I like techno music, rainy weather, and crashing my girlfriend’s car.

Any advice to Cooler Newbies?

Don’t ever stop moving. Always run and juke your opponents. The more movement you have, the harder it is to frag you. Also, practice, practice, practice. And I mean practice against people better then you; people who make you work for your frags. That is how I improved from a mediocre player to one that strikes fear into the hearts of all (whatever :D). Don’t ever give up just because you were waxed by Gr8, keep trying. Perseverance is the only way you will improve. And don’t play on newbie servers just so you can make easy kills, you will never get any better. Learn the maps well. Learn how to track your opponents. You need be able to anticipate where they will be when you shoot. Read them like a book and then lead them where you want them to be (where you can make an easy shot, etc). When you can learn how to work your opponents in this manner, you are well on your way to being an awesome player. Finally, just have fun. After all, that’s what this game is all about. P.S. If you see Gumby headed your way, you better high tail it the hell outta there. ;)

Any changes or improvements you would like to see at the Cooler?

Ditch the shitty ID DM maps and add more new maps like Homers15 and Railwar101. Up the player limits, and put non-ID maps into the voting rotation WAAAY more often. Also, lower the voting threshold. Fix the lag/PL problems.

Any personal remarks to the “Cooler Heads” out there?

You guys are a bunch of pimps. A lot of fun to frag you all unlike all the players at other impersonal servers. Keep it real, don’t put down players for any reason (unless the REALLY deserve it). A friendly environment is much more enjoyable to play in then one in which tempers run hot and manners and respect are non-existent. Frag ya later on the best server ever!

Well Cooler Heads, the male stranglehold on the Cooler has lost its’ grip. That’s right everyone, the gender barrier has collapsed into a million piece, as well as a lot of ASSES that were fragged by this great female player. And when I mean great, I mean great right along with the Gr8 1 and the Grizzly [WR].Let’s welcome back to the Cooler, with a long overdue profile, Lilith {RASC}.


Name (optional, 1st name is OK): Anne Chang
AKA-handle: Lilith (Kitten, a long time ago)
Clan affiliation: RASC http://www.rasc.net and QGirlZ http://www.qgirlz.com
Death matching experience (Q2 only please): Since the day Q2 was released. Any pre-Cooler Q2 fans remember Tiny Penis?
Approximate number of frags you have dealt out?(total): Inversely proportional to my GPA =)
Most frags on one map?: 130ish?
Your favorite map(s)?: DM3, DM8
Your least favorite map(s)?: DM2, DM4
Your favorite weapon(s)?: Super Shotgun
Your favorite opponent(s)?:The Cooler Q2 ancients are all really nice… Shrikeforce, A-T, UWO. A lot of the newer people are very talented FFAers.
Your least favorite opponent(s)?:none
Describe you “rig” :Celeron 300a, 128 MB ram, 19” ADI, Voodoo3 3000, mx300, lots of Hello Kitty stickers.
Your connection? :Really fast. =P I live in the dorms. Damn, I love my ping! =)
Home country? :USA
Any other games you play or are interested in? :Tetrinet
Any outside interests, work, or school you would like to mention?

I’m a 4th year student at University of Colorado, Boulder. I’m studying Chemical Engineering and Computer Science.

Any advice to Cooler Newbies?:

Run away! Run away!!

Any changes or improvements you would like to see at the Cooler?:

No complaints here.

Any personal remarks to the “Cooler Heads” out there?

Happy Fraggin’! =)

OK Coolerites, what does this remind you of? One, two, one, two, one, two, one, two, one, two. A military march? No! An exercise routine? Try again, think harder. A mutant binary code? Get real ‘puter geeks. Some sort of a “stroke” sequence seen in most bedrooms? Man is your life dull. Ok, ok, I guess I’ll have to enlighten you. The two profiles you will be viewing, without a doubt, are the top two players at the Cooler today. They have been battling it out for weeks to claim the #1 spot. That’s right, one, two, now you get it. Two of the coolest people I have ever talked to and played against. Both are very knowledgeable and insightful in both life and Q2 deathmatching. Get hold of yourselves now Coolerites, because here comes two major doses of CLASS. Your Cooler Profiles are: Gr8 and Grizzly[WR].

Name: Thomas
Aka: Gr8, Gr8_HPB_Killer, etc.
Clan affiliation: None, used to be in one with a former PGL Finalist.
Death matching experience: Since Q2 was released; 4 months on 56k modem, 13 months On ISDN, 3 months on DSL.
Approximate number of frags you have dealt out: “ Oh boy…at Cooler or everywhere?”
Most frags on one map: “150’s on DM8”.
Your favorite map(s): “All the new ID maps except DM7”.
Your least favorite map(s): “Solid, DM7”.
Your favorite weapon(s): Super shotgun, Chain gun, Rocket launcher, Rail gun.
Your favorite opponent(s): AfZ’s, WR’s, VDP’s, etc.
Your least favorite opponent(s): You guys are all cool :) except…[insert name here]
Describe your “rig”: PIII 450, 128mb ram, 8.3 GB UDMA33 HD, NEC 17”, Voodoo 2 12mb SLI.
Your connection: 1.5 mbps/128Kbps DSL with massive packet loss before midnight.
Home Country: Krypton
Other gaming interests: Quake Arena.
Personal interests: Sportdcards, MP3’s, Japanese Anime, pretty women(no ugly women Please). Career interests: currently employed as a Financial Analyst, hope to be attending MBA Program next fall.
Any advice to Cooler Newbies:

Be prepared to die more times than you kill your opponents; don’t complain about losing. Don’t grab the railgun; focus on using the rocket Launcher, super shotgun, and chaingun. LPB newbies: Don’t get too attached to the railgun. Use other weapons too.

Any changes or improvements you would like to see at the Cooler?

DM1:no changes; DM2:no changes; DM3:bring back invulnerability; DM4:no changes; DM5: no changes; DM7: no changes; DM8: bring back powershield; Solid: remove map; Stellar: no changes; Colours of War: no changes, someone tell me how to grab the invulnerability; Maximum players: 16 for all maps.

Any personal remarks to the “Cooler Heads” out there?

“ Stay from red Superman unless you have kryptonite. Stay away from red Superman when red Superman has a railgun complain about anything like a loser, just get even!!

Name : Adam Sharp.
Aka: Grizzly.
Clan: White Ravens [WR]
Death match experience 10 months.
Approximate number of frags you have dealt out: 103,228.
Most frags on one map: 211 on Solid.
Favorite map(s): Colours and Stellar Cow (do I hear a mooooo here?)
Your least favorite map(s): Q2DM5(The Pits). The name kind of explains how crappy It is…lol!!
Your favorite weapon(s): Railgun, chaingun.
Your favorite opponent(s): Dark clan, AfZ, yadda yadda, Gr8, [KB]MasterP, And Real End.
Any player scare the hell out of you? None other than yadda yadda man, gotta change my Pants after playing him.
Describe your “rig”: Celeron 300a @ 450, Abit BX6 revision2.02, 128mb ram, Diamond Viper 770(TNT2)overclocked, Sound Blaster live withh 4 speakers(2 subwoofers), and a nice ass 17” monitor.
Your connection: Cable modem at home, T1 at college.
Home Country: The good ol’ U.S of A.
Any advice to Cooler Newbies:

I used to get my ass beaten into the ground on the Cooler. It takes a while to kick ass all the time, so stick to your guns man, it pays off, cause good God it’s fun to frag people like crazy!!!! It’s what Deathmatch is all about :).

What changes or improvements would you like to see at the Cooler:

I’d like to see higher player caps as well. 16 is a nice cap I think. I say we explore some new maps too.

Any personal remarks to the Cooler heads out there? :

I like to think of Quake as a gentlemen’s game. When I play I mind my manners, and I expect the same from others. Never insult people, aleays compliment if you can. People are trying their best out there, so give some support. If someone is camping or being a Quad-whore, then why aren’t you stopping them? Words can’t stop them my friends, only actions can!!!! Kick ass and count bodies later(hehehehehehe). Cooler is the best server on the planet, so treat it with respect, and treat the players with that same respect. And don’t let me get the railgun.

I affectionatley compare the Grizz to a pit bull on a meat wagon. Hehehehe Well Cooler Heads, did KUNTR drop the bomb on your ASSES big time? Hehehehehe. Great profiles from two great players. I’d like to thank the Grizz and Gr8 for taking the time out of their busy days to provide you, the Cooler Heads, with these profiles. Rumor has it that our next profiles will feature a female Quaker, and also a husband and wife team. Pretty cool. About time we broke the gender gap at the Cooler, the best server you can play on. Happy fraggin all.KUNTR.

Wonder who has been running some "smack" at you on "da forum" ? Your question will be answered, featuring a major player who's Cooler time has been limited, but has 7 top spots in the Cooler's skill/efficiency ratings under 7 different akas. The Doc and I should probably change "da Cooler Profile" to the "Cooler Hall of Fame", because the next 2 profiles have rocked the Cooler, shaped it into the great server it is, and raised the playing levels of those that play here.

Sk8erdie/Towel Boy
Alias:Sk8erdie/Towel Boy, and many others.
Clan affiliation: Former-Rasc, Current-The Code.
Death Matching Experience :"Since the Quake 1 test came out".
Approximate number of frags dealt out?- "I don't know, like 200 billion, who actually counts?".
Most frags on one map?- "Q1:275, Q2:193, Q3:165"
Favorite Map?: "Q1:DM@, Q2:DM8 and ZTN2dm3, Q3: uhhh...."
Least favorite map?-Q1:dm5, Q2: DM7 +DM4, Q3:uhhh..."
Favorite Weapon(s)?-"Q1:lightning gun, Q2:Chaingun, Q3:Purple Headed Yogurt Slinger".
Favorite Opponents?-"Rix, Immortal, Makaveli, Forego"
Any player that scares the "hell" out of you?-"It's just a game, if you get scared seek help, or dial 1-800-suicide".
Describe your "rig"- Celeron 300a overclocked to 374, 128 mb pc100 ram, SLI V2, Hercules TNT, 17 gig hd, SB Live, Logitech Wingman gaming mouse, Everglide Mousepad, 17" Sony".
Connection?-Oc 28.8.
Home Country-"USA"
Advice to Cooler Newbies?-

"We were all Newbies once, just don't give up, build confidence in yourself and you will succeed. Never stop moving, unless you are playing 1 on 1".

Any improvements to the Cooler?-

"Less player limits, blood fests just plain suck. Maybe an upgrade to the machine, I know p233 is running fine, but man, sometimes the packet loss is unbearable when more than 15 people are in the game. Or maybe that is my OC 28.8."

Any personal remarks to the "Cooler Heads" ?-

"Well, I would say "keep letting me kill you so easily, but I am not in a mean mood right now, so instead I have to say, you know what server kicks your ass.....Cooler all the way....keep playing on the Cooler to keep the best sever on the net". Any outside interests beside Q2?-"I would have to say playing Disc Golf, skateboarding, picking up on the hoes at the mall, and kicking it back with my little 1 1/2 year old nephew, he is going to be the best Quaker ever..he was bred for it" :))

The one and the only Sk8erdie/Towelboy Coolerites. Impressive dude, great smack talker, with a game to back it up. My, my, my you say? Need some more from "da Profile"? You say "hey KUNTR, give me some more of the Greats to drool over their profiles". You want it? You got it. A big time bonus profile. Are you ready for this? Here it is. The one, the only:

yadda yadda
Name: yadda yadda
Clan: none
Death match experience: "about 9 months"
Approximate number of frags you have dealt out? "Around 50,000 I would guess".
Most frags on one map? "I have fragged 140 on most maps, but I think my record is 144 on Tokays".
Your favorite map? "Q2DM1"
Your least favorite map? "Q2DM5"
Your favorite weapon? "The railgun, even though I am a HPB now".
Your favorite opponent(s)? "Gr8, Grizzly, clans AfZ and WR"
Describe your "rig": "P2 450, 128 mb ram, 3dfx voodoo 2, 10 gig hard drive".
Your connection? "28.8 on a good day *sob*"
Home Country? "USA"
Any advice to Cooler "Newbies"?

Watch the best and learn from them. That is what I did and it worked pretty well for me".

What changes or improvements would you like to see at the "Cooler"?

"Not so many frag fest maps like Solid and Stellar.

Any personal remarks to the "Cooler Heads" out there?

"You guys are the reason I am sticking with the Cooler, even though my connection sucks now. Thanks for making it such a great server!!!!!!!

Take note of this Coolerites: Rumor has it that yadda yadda is looking into DSL, so those easy frags you been laying on him might not be so easy in the future. BEWARE!!!!!! Thanks to Sk8erdie/Towelboy and yadda yadda for taking the time to do their profiles.


Name: Timmy Goffiger(gofigger]AfZ[)
Clan: Assassins from Ziest ]AfZ[ (All AfZ must die :) - Dr )
Death matching experience: 2 years
Approximate number of frags you have dealt out? "100,000 to date".
Most frags on one map? 180.
Your favorite map? Q2DM3 + 7
Your least favorite map? Q2DM 4 + 5
Your favorite weapons? "The Rocket Launcher and Rail gun."
Your favorite opponent(s)? "My clannies, the G8 one, clan WR, yadda yadda."
Any player scare the "hell" out of you? "I eat fear for breakfast".
Describe your "rig". "Pentium 2 400, 96 mb ram, 3dfx voodoo 3 3000 video card, 10 gig hard drive, Sound Blaster Live audio card, and lotsa fans to keep my "rig" cool".
Your connection? "Low quality DSL(5.3 miles)".
Home Country? "Canada".

Any advice to Cooler Newbies?

"Don't camp, don't bot, always run fast and furious, shoot anything that moves..."

What changes or improvements would you like to see at the Cooler?

"Higher player limits, more choices of maps at intermission, delete DM 4 and DM 5 maps, and most importantly-install that anti camper thing that disconnects you if you don't move".

Any personal remarks to the "Cooler Heads" out there?

"Play hard and honest. That is all I got to say".(I would of asked them to stand still for me, hehehehe)

I know, I know, "da boss" says all AfZ must die, but even he couldn't resist the goffiger]AfZ[ profile.

Thanks Tim for the time to do this.