Cooler Players
Top Player yadda yadda
Featuring an unmerciful rail and lightning speed yadda yadda is da man he has some of the top frag counts for most of the Quake2 DM levels
Top Camper jerry
The King of campers jerry (who sports a dinasour skin) is a good player in his own right but mnanages to piss everyone off with his blatant camping ;) (favorite camp spot is the rail gun in the edge)
Funniest lookin Player Mota
Heh Mota wears kenny (South Parks) skin and just cracks me up when he dies (topples over) I get fragged everytime I see it.

Regulars who I think Rock...

Bob Probert ( rail guru )
psybernut-BW- ( kix major ass )
asskicker ( great skin )
[GAY]Prancer ( dood whats with the clan name )
and many other whom I will mention as I remember them ...

Cooler Clans

Ah yes there are a few clans who frequent the cooler ...
[WR] White Raven - Born of the Remnants of [POW] these guys top CLQ often very powerful.
[AfZ] What can I say all AfZ must die..these guys also top CLQ all the time.
[TtD] Clan Time to Die ... were born of the cooler. XTreme built this clan from scratch and it has fast become a formidable force in the dming world.
[DARK] There is a shadowy presence in the cooler and it takes the form of the DARK clan .. you have been warned. (All DARK must die)
[omg] This clan should change their name to 'omfg' some great players. (such as roadrunner)
[VDP] HPS's kikin major butt, husband and wife team VDP-Chey and VDP-Necromancer lead the way dishing out major hurt.
[WAR] A clan stuggling for identity but with some kickass players.
[A-T] the A-Team .. be afraid (not around so much these days!)
[UV] omfg :)
[skew] Might as well not respawn
[BW] The B stands for Bastards I think :)