You find yourself in the 'Cave of Nightmares' it doesn't make sense ... thats right because you are strapped into a console in a dingy 12x12 cell in an underground cave. I am in control of your mind. You used to think you were at the meatlocker ... then you were lost ... you almost convinced yourself you were living a 'life' but you knew all along 'this is not real', the cave harbours your worst fears you try to put it out of your mind ... but you cant help but remember that I am standing over you, watching, with an 11 Inch probe in my hand ... don't turn around ...

Today you might ... Lay down some smak at   Da Forum
or perhaps Frequent a Server or two: 27960 OLA Doublespace 1 27968 OLA Doublespace 10 27962 OLA Doublespace 3 27961 OLA Doublespace 2 27963 OLA Doublespace 4 27966 OLA Doublespace 7 27967 OLA Doublespace 8 27960 bacardi limon 27960 5 Assed Monkey-FFA 27960 THE PAIN FACTORY 27961 NETDOOR Q3A
hear that strange buzzing sound again ..... BZZZZZTT@%$@%$#%@@!!*&!*!**!*!*!*
the cave has many secrets.